Central Heating and Plumbing

Boiler Service, heating and general plumbing - repairs, replacement and servicing in Ipswich & Suffolk

Thinking of a new central heating system

Then look no further Davies Heating has been installing complete systems for many years.

Whether your choice is for conventional and convenient gas or oil fired systems we can advise, quote, price and install for you, prices and costs to meet your budget.

With models available from all the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers there's sure to be a boiler that will meet all your requirements.

We maintain close contact with our manufacturers and suppliers so should you have a Technical problem we offer a solution solving service.

Gas safety is extremely important and we are Gas Safe (this used to be known as Corgi or Corgi registered) number 514859 you confirm this here or, by calling 0800 408 550 and OFTEC registered, so you can be assured that any central heating systems installed by Davies Heating will have been safely installed and properly tested.

Bathrooms and Softeners

That thought of a new bathroom or cloakroom can turn into reality with Davies Heating as one of the best known independent installers in the Eastern region we can advise, quote and carry out all work to turn give you the bathroom or loo you want.
Water Softeners

Here in East Anglia we live in one of the hardest water areas in the UK.

Hard water, as you know can cause serious problems to plumbing and heating systems and more importantly leads to higher energy bills.

As well as plumbing problems hard water leaves calcium and chalk deposits that make cleaning, bathrooms, kitchens and loos harder and takes longer.

For improved water quality and elimination of chalk a water softener is the only solution.

Until some years ago the only well known British manufacturer was Permutit who, are now owned by Calligan an American company.  However now there are quite a number of both manufacturers and suppliers with models for large and small households.  With the more advanced model operating on a 'metering' system that saves on running costs.

Contact us to find out more and what system best suits you.

General Plumbing

Need a tap fixed or want an outside tap fitted for the garden, we are just as happy to come along and carry out the more traditional plumbing tasks.

Landlord Services

We offer different types of service for landlords as well as gas safety inspections and certification services, please contact us to find out more.









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