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Welcome to the Services page

What ever job or problem you may have regarding your plumbing and heating we are guaranteed to be able to offer a solution at an affordable price. Some of the services we can offer range from boiler installation and repair to under-floor heating on propertys ranging from your typical family home to 120 seat restaurants. If all you need is a ball valve replacing or a new set of taps fitting every new customer is welcome and no job will be turned down.

Boiler servicing is a big part of our buisness and I find that we are very competitive on price. Gas Boiler services starting from £50 and Oil Boilers from £65 as a company we are not VAT registered so the price that you are quoted is the price you will pay.

For customers looking for a new bathroom suite this is also well within our capability, working with local bathroom stockist we can design and install everything from a downstairs cloackroom to walk in shower/wet rooms.

We are soon going to be offering ground source and air source heat pumps. we are looking to working closely with a company called G,A,H so that we can provided a competitive and extremly reliable service. The latest technology to be coming in to the industry which is called a PV system this is an electrical solar system and with this you sell what ever you dont use back to the national grid. As with any new system that comes to life there are companys that take advantage of it and you can end up paying alot more than you should so if you are thinking of having one of these systems fitted we would like to help you get the best deal so get in touch with us and maybe we could beat the price or give you a quote for whatever you require.

If you have any quries regarding the services we can offer please fill in the enquires section on the contact page and I will do my best to help or advise to the best of my capabillity.






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